Student Electronic Portals

Navarro College provides several services to students that are completely available over the Internet.  These services provide students with access to college resources virtually 24 hours a day/7 days a week from anywhere the student has Internet access. 

Blackboard:  The adoption of Blackboard, a standardized course management system, is available to students and faculty through the Navarro College website.  The Blackboard system is used to support instruction and provides students with a high level of technological capability.  Instructors using the Blackboard system provide traditional courses with online components and enhanced resources to aid student learning.  With Blackboard, students have the capability to network outside the classroom through online discussion groups and message boards. Students can complete practice quizzes, access supplemental notes and resources, and communicate with the instructor and other course peers via e-mail from one online location.

WebAdvisor:  In addition, students can perform a variety of College-related transactions using WebAdvisor.  WebAdvisor is an online system allowing easier access to a number of Navarro College services.  Through WebAdvisor, students are able to review their financial aid status, review an official transcript, add or drop classes, and access a variety of other services related to the College.

Webmail:  Webmail provides all students with their own e-mail account upon registration and throughout their attendance at Navarro College.  Webmail is set up using a consistent naming convention ( which makes communication between students, faculty and College personnel less complicated and facilitates the sending of global messages and notices to all users when necessary.

eCashier:  eCashier is a service which allows students to pay tuition and fees online.  Students can enroll into the eCashier program from the Navarro College homepage and pay tuition entirely or set up an interest-free installment plan with flexible payment options.

Please see a current class schedule for more information on use of WebAdvisor and Blackboard.

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