Navarro College Libraries

The mission of the Navarro College Libraries is to support, enrich and participate in teaching and learning at the college. Librarians work with faculty to develop library resources, services and information literacy instruction that assist students in achieving a broad foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, prepare for careers or further study and develop an appreciation of the value of learning as a lifelong endeavor.

Library facilities are located on each of the four Navarro College campuses. In addition to the more than 70,000 books and periodicals in the print collections, the libraries offer access to thousands of electronic books and articles through the library website. Audiovisual holdings include an extensive collection of music recordings, educational videos, and classic, foreign-language and recent movies.  All four campuses provide wireless access so students can use their own laptops for research. The Richard M. Sanchez Library on the Corsicana campus maintains two computer labs and provides laptop computers for in-library use. All students, faculty and staff have access to the library’s interlibrary and intercampus loan services.

The library staff is dedicated to providing welcoming, caring and professional service and maintaining a place that is conducive to reading, study and independent learning.  For more information, please refer to the library website at

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