Carl Perkins Career Center

The Carl Perkins Career Center, located in the Bain Center on the Corsicana Campus, offers the following services:

Job Placement: A file for part-time and full-time off campus job openings is available for students who wish to work while attending classes. Website job listings also are available.

Gender Bias: This program provides guidance and counseling to assist students in gender-fair career exploration. Special workshops and other activities designed to help eliminate gender bias and stereotypes also are offered.

Students with Disabilities: Services are available for individuals who are deaf, visually disabled, speech- language impaired, epileptic, who have cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis, who are orthopedically impaired or have other learning disabilities. (Learning disabilities include, but are not limited to: ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, etc.) Special services provided include note takers, tutorial assistance, counselors and advisors, wheelchair ramps, classes in the first floor of buildings and other assistance based on an individual basis. Grant funding limits this service to career/technology majors only.

Limited English Proficiency: Opportunities for individuals who have limited English- speaking skills or use English as a second language are available. Services may include textbook loans, note takers, tutorial assistance, counseling/advising and career assessment.

Single Parents/Displaced Homemakers: Services are available for male and female students who have custody or joint custody of their minor children. A displaced homemaker is a woman who has not been gainfully employed in the workforce for the past three years and needs training to support herself or her family. She can be widowed, deserted, divorced or have a disabled spouse. Services for career/technology majors in this category include textbook loans, dependent care, counseling/advising and career assessment. A referral service for other needs also is available.

Counseling and Advising: Career and advising services are available for career/technology majors who are undecided or who want additional guidance in their specific career fields. Personality and learning styles testing also is available upon request.

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