Sanctions Against Misconduct

The Vice President of Student Services, the Dean of Students, the Director of Residence Life, or the campus judicial officer may impose misconduct sanctions.  The following penalties may be imposed singularly or in combination upon individuals, groups or organizations and may be applied temporarily as interim safety measures:

1.   Administer a verbal or written warning to the student.

2.   Require the student attend counseling sessions.

3.   Cancel residence hall contract and/or meal ticket.

4.   Impose disciplinary probation for a definite period of time with the condition that future violations may result in disciplinary suspension.

5.   Prohibit a student from representing the college, on or off campus, in any recognized college-sponsored event.

6.   Withhold an official transcript or degree.*

7.   Prohibit readmission or re-enrollment.

8.   Require restitution, whether monetary or through specific duties, such as; reimbursement for damage(s) to or misappropriation of college, student or employee property.

9.   Designate a student ineligible for student grant, loan or scholarship.

10.  Expel or suspend a student from Navarro College.*

11.  Withdraw a student from all currently enrolled coursework without refund of tuition and fees.  Educational sanctions may include work assignments , essays, community service, behavioral  contract, administrative referral, letters of apology and other related educational assignments.  No student who has been suspended from the college shall be permitted on the college campus during the period of suspension without prior written approval from the appropriate vice president who may convene the appeals committee for consideration/consultation of the matter.

12. Educational sanctions may include work assignments, essay writing, community service, behavioral contract, administrative referral, letter of apology or restitution, or other educational assignment.

13.  Impose other sanctions as outlined in the departmental handbook for specific programs including but not limited to: fire/EMS, nursing and police academy departments.

14.  Limit access to and/or prohibit students from certain areas of the campus.

15.  Administer other sanctions as per the discretion of the Vice President of Student Services or Dean of Students.

Failure to meet the requirements of any notice by a college official may result in action taken by the discipline officer apart from action for the alleged violation.

Failure to appear is a violation of the Code of Conduct and may result in further sanctions and a hold will remain on the student’s enrollment pending student cooperation. Once informed of the allegations against the student, they may choose not to dispute and will be sanctioned appropriately. If the student chooses to dispute the allegations, the discipline officer will determine the circumstances of an alleged violation by investigating the facts and interviewing the implicated student and other potentially involved parties, including the complainant. If it is determined that no violation has occurred, or if there is an insufficient amount of evidence to meet the preponderance of evidence standard, the allegations will be dismissed. If it is determined that a violation has occurred, the student will be sanctioned appropriately. All sanctions are approved by the Dean of Students. Sanctioned students have the right to appeal the decision of the discipline officer per the Disciplinary Appeal Procedures.

NOTE: In cases where a student receives a sanction of probation, suspension or expulsion, a copy of the confirmation letter received by the student may be forwarded to the parent or guardian of the student and/or shared in conjunction with the Buckley Amendment and in compliance with FERPA guidelines.

*Additionally, state law mandates that the student’s transcript a) may be withheld pending investigation and b) include a notation regarding ineligibility to return due to disciplinary processes (e.g., withdrawal, suspension, expulsion)–TX HB 449 and 1735 (2019).

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