Procedure on Failure to Comply with Disciplinary Sanctions

Any disciplinary action taken against a student enrolled in Navarro College may result in levying against that student any one of several disciplinary sanctions as listed in the Student Handbook under the Student Code of Conduct section.  Whenever disciplinary sanctions are levied against a student, he/she is expected to fully comply.  Any student who does not fully comply with his/her disciplinary sanctions is subject to one or more of the following consequences:

1.   Immediate dismissal from Navarro College

2.   Prohibited from re-enrolling in Navarro College

3.   Having all college records placed on hold.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students are accountable and responsible for their decisions and actions to promote civility and ethical behavior among Navarro College students and to sensitize students to the fact that every decision carries a consequence.

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