Off-Campus Conduct

When a student is alleged to have violated Navarro College’s Code of Student Conduct by an offense committed off of the college premises, the College reserves the right to investigate and adjudicate.  All students enrolled in Navarro College should clearly understand that the college is expressly concerned with student conduct both on and off campus. Navarro College expects the behavior of its students, at all times and in all settings, to be guided by the same standards that define acceptable forms of student conduct.  To this end, any student enrolled in Navarro College who is found in violation of the Code of Student Conduct or state or federal laws, even in an off-campus setting, is subject to administrative disciplinary procedures that could result in one or a combination of several disciplinary sanctions as listed in the Student Handbook.

Based on the reasonable belief that a student has been involved in conduct off campus incompatible with the college’s function as an educational institution or with the mission of Navarro College, the Vice President for Student Services, in his/her discretion, may invoke the disciplinary process.

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