Due Process and Timeframe

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Any student accused of violating the Code of Student Conduct should have the right to expect consistent and fair procedures for resolving their situation.  Navarro College’s Office of the Vice President of Student Services provides oversight for all student discipline procedures as well as any judiciary appeal process.  A reasonably prompt timeframe is maintained for all procedures and varies between one week and thirty days with extensions dependent on such factors as the number of witnesses or participants, the involvement of court or criminal proceedings, subsequent findings or additional incidents, and the nature and extent of such incident(s).

With a primary concern for student safety and from the start of the adjudication process and consistent with Title IX standards, both the complainant and the accused are provided protection against retaliatory harassment, may receive tentative immunity for concurrent lesser offenses, may file a criminal complaint against the other student, and may receive counseling as needed.  Prior to an initial hearing, the completion of the adjudication process, or an appeals hearing, if it is decided that the accused student has behaved in a manner that significantly endangers the health and safety to the community college and/or the educational process, the student may be removed from housing and/or the campus until such times as a scheduled hearing is conducted.

Furthermore, all student-based decisions made by administrators, residence life, counseling, authorities and/or campus security may be appealed to the Vice President of Student Services who is the final authority in these procedures. As referenced in the Student Grievances Procedures, the role of the District President in these procedures is not to decide the case or appeal thereof, but merely to determine whether the administrative chain of command has adhered to Navarro College procedures.

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