Disciplinary Procedures for Student Misconduct

All disciplinary sanctions fall under the direction of the Dean of Students.  When a student is confronted with a possible violation of rules requiring disciplinary action, the student will be given a notice, either oral or in print, directing him/her to appear before the discipline officer at a specified date and time.  Failure to appear is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may result in further sanctions. The discipline officer will determine the circumstances of an alleged violation by investigating the report of the violation and interviewing the implicated student and other potentially involved parties, including the complainant.  If a student does not respond to the request for the initial or subsequent hearing(s), a decision determining responsibility may be made based on the information that is currently available.

If it is determined that no violation has occurred, or if there is an insufficient amount of evidence to meet the preponderance of evidence standard, the allegations will be dismissed. If it is determined that the preponderance of evidence standard is met, the student will be sanctioned. All sanctions must be approved by the Dean of Students. Sanctioned students have the right to appeal the decision of the discipline officer. The student must submit their appeal no later than 5:00 p.m. within two business days.



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