Transcript of Credits

Student transcripts shall contain a record of each state-funded course attempted by a student at Navarro College. This includes all courses for which the student was enrolled as of the official census date each term, including developmental education courses, courses that were not completed, courses that were dropped, and courses that were repeated.

Unofficial copies of your Navarro College transcript may be obtained by logging into Self Service at:

Your transcript will be downloaded to a PDF file and you can print or save.

Official copies of student transcripts are available electronically or in-person. 

Electronically ($3 fee per transcript):
Request that your transcript be sent electronically to at:

In-person ($5 fee per transcript):
Go to the Cashier’s office at any Navarro College location to pay the $5 fee (per transcript) and receive a receipt.  Take the paid receipt to the Office of Admissions and Records for printing of official transcript(s).

All requests will require the following information:

  1. Student’s name while attending Navarro College
  2. Social Security Number or Navarro College Student ID Number
  3. Dates of attendance
  4. Indication of whether the student needs an official or unofficial transcript
  5. Contact telephone number and an email address for the student
  6. A copy of the student’s driver’s license or state issued ID
  7. The student’s signature (Federal Privacy Laws (FERPA) prohibits the release of transcripts without the written consent of the student.
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