Scholastic Standards

Scholastic standards are defined as follows:

Good standing:  The good standing standard is awarded to students maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and who complete at least one course each semester/session of enrollment.

Academic Probation:  Failure to maintain a 2.0, “C” cumulative grade-point average, will result in the student being placed on scholastic probation for the next semester enrolled. A student may remove himself/herself from scholastic probation by bringing his/her cumulative grade-point average to a 2.0 or better.

Academic Suspension: Should the student earn less than a 2.0 grade-point average for two semesters of enrollment and have less than a 1.5 grade-point average for the most current semester, the student will be placed on scholastic suspension for one regular semester (fall or spring).

Right of Appeal
A student who has been placed on scholastic suspension and who feels that his or her case deserves special consideration may appeal the decision in person to the appropriate instructional, campus or Executive Dean who may, in extenuating circumstances, reinstate the student for one additional semester. If readmission is granted, the student will reenter on scholastic probation for that one semester until end-of-course grades determine the student’s academic standing for the next semester.



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