Developmental Studies

The developmental studies program at Navarro College provides basic skills development in the areas of reading, writing, mathematic and study skills for students who are underprepared for college-level studies. Students whose scores fall below the minimum standards on an approved placement test are required to enroll and participate in developmental classes or a non-course-based activity until competency is achieved. Failure to attend or participate in developmental studies classes will subject the student to being administratively withdrawn from college.

Students may enroll in certain courses within their major area of study while simultaneously enrolled in developmental classes; however, a student in basic skills courses will need to reduce the course load in his/her major area or college-level classes since basic skills courses have a large amount of lab time.  Students are expected to achieve mastery of basic skills concepts in a maximum of three semesters of developmental work. Students must meet exit criteria objectives prior to receiving an associate degree from Navarro College. Basic skills courses cannot be used in meeting graduation requirements for any degree or certificate.

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