Being a Successful Student

As a student, you have the responsibility for your education. Your success as a student and in your profession is enhanced by an understanding of a number of characteristics that contribute to success. These characteristics include academic as well as personal attributes. 

Attendance is expected in all classes/laboratories. Attending class will make a difference in achieving your goals and passing a course. The more successful students are those who attend class on a consistent basis. Students are expected to be familiar with the Navarro College attendance policy (found in this handbook) and to understand and follow the specific policies for each course. Each instructor will have the course syllabus and the specific attendance requirements for that particular class/laboratory. 

Being on time is essential to achieving your goals. When you are late for a class, you send the message that class is not important. Entering the classroom after class has started is disruptive, and you have missed the learning that has already occurred. Tardiness shows a lack of respect for others in the class.

Successful students are prepared for class. Come to class ready to learn. When you prepare before coming to class, you have a greater chance of understanding what the instructor is presenting. You also will be better prepared to ask questions about any material that you may not have understood. Know beforehand what is going on in class each day and be prepared. Read your syllabus.

Getting involved in classroom activities will make a difference in your learning. Class discussion will broaden your knowledge about the subject and will increase your understanding. Be prepared to answer questions and communicate your knowledge and ideas.

Quality of Work
Take pride in your work. Doing the best and following assignments to the best of your ability to contribute to your success. Quality work does not demand perfection, however; your work should reflect the highest standards of accuracy, neatness and clarity. Neatness and care in the production of your assignments shows pride in yourself and in your work.

Academic Conduct
Truthfulness and honesty are the best policy in all academic matters. Every profession has standards of ethical conduct. Academic standards are essential and are highlighted in each syllabus. Students are responsible for following Navarro College’s rules regarding academic dishonesty (listed in this handbook). Successful students are those who take their academic work seriously. 

Positive Academic Atmosphere
Respect for others is important to succeed in college life and life in general. You are responsible for knowing the college’s rules concerning student conduct. Show consideration for others at all times. Your college years should be among the happiest and most rewarding times of your life. A balanced academic and social life will help assure you of this and can result in a high level of success. Take your studies seriously, find out what is expected of you and become involved in all aspects of college life. Get to know your fellow students and the college staff. 

Classroom Behavior
The enrollment of a student shall be construed as both evidence and a pledge that the student accepts the standards and regulations of Navarro College and agrees to abide by them. Conduct that interferes with the efforts of others to secure an education, enjoy a recreational event or to reside in an environment that is clean, quiet and conducive to study is prohibited. The college reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student who violates policy or refuses to adhere to the standards established by the institution.

The college classroom is a learning environment. Classroom conduct that interferes with the learning process is not expected and will not be tolerated: instructors have the right to have students removed from class if the behavior is deemed disruptive to the learning process.



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