Educational Issues Pertaining to Pregnancy, Postpartum Recovery, and other Physical or Mental Health Concerns

A student who foresees educational issues related to pregnancy, postpartum recovery, or mental health is strongly encouraged to notify the College as soon as possible.  By doing so, the student and College personnel can collaborate and develop an appropriate plan for the continuation of the student’s education.  Pre-planning when possible also may help with particular challenges a student faces while pregnant, when recovering from childbirth, or in response to a physical or mental health concern (e.g., missed classes, make-up work).  The choice to inform the College of any condition such as a pregnancy or a mental health concern is voluntary as a student is not required to share this information with the College.  In making the decision as to whether or not to disclose this information, a student first may choose to consult with a College counselor or the Office of Disability Services.


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