Navarro College Administration has adopted the following requirements for all students residing in residence halls. The intent of these procedures is to enhance student success by maintaining sufficient enrollment throughout the semester. The fifteen (15) semester credit hour minimum enrollment is designed to allow a student to maintain twelve (12) semester credit hours if it becomes necessary to drop a course so that a student may continue to be eligible to reside in the residence hall, maintain financial aid eligibility, and progress in a timely, cost-effective fashion towards graduation.

Academic advisors, academic support professionals, and other staff are available to assist students throughout the semester in reaching their fullest potential as they follow those standards.

  1. Enrollment in 15 Semester Credit Hours while Maintaining 12 Semester Credit Hours
    All students living in residence halls are required to enroll in at least fifteen (15) semester credit hours and maintain twelve (12) semester credit hours during the sixteen-week fall and spring semesters. Enrollment in at least three (3) semester credit hours is required for residents enrolled in a mini-semester or summer term, and at least six (6) semester credit hours is required for residents enrolled in an eight (8) week fall/spring term.
  1. Attendance Requirement
    Attendance of Residence Life students is monitored to ensure they are in strict compliance with the Navarro College Attendance Policy as cited in the Navarro College Catalog. Excessive absenteeism is defined “as being equivalent to two (2) weeks of instruction in a sixteen (16) week semester.”
    Faculty are encouraged to submit Early Warning referrals for students who are approaching this excessive absenteeism. Exceptions to this procedure will be excused absence due to athletic or other performance competition, illness verified by medical doctor, or excused absence by the faculty member. Students residing in residence halls who are in non-compliance with these procedures will be informed they are subject to removal from Residence Life if they drop or are dropped below 12 credit hours for the semester and are not able to provide adequate justification based on other circumstances (i.e., extenuating circumstances and remaining coursework progress).
  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement
    Any student who fails to achieve a 2.0 GPA may jeopardize status as a student through loss of scholarship, athletic, financial aid, residence life program eligibility, and/or not achieving academic success (graduating or transferring successfully). Students need to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards achieving a degree or certificate. Standards of satisfactory academic progress are required of all students who wish to establish or maintain financial aid eligibility at Navarro College and are encouraged of all students, including those residing in the Residence Halls, in order to attain success in achieving academic goals within a reasonable timeframe. These academic standards are described in greater detail in the Catalog as well as on the Financial Aid website.
  1. Course Load Requirement
    A student residing in residence halls must ensure his/her course load includes at least two-thirds of a traditional lecture/laboratory format (12 out of 18 semester credit hours) with a face-to-face teacher-student relationship in a classroom on one of the Navarro College campus sites. All developmental coursework must fall into this traditional lecture/laboratory format. This face-to-face teacher-student relationship must prevail throughout the full sixteen (16) week semester.

If the student course load fails to meet these requirements at any time during a long semester and the student has been permitted to participate in the residence life program, the student may be removed from the residence life program within one week following notice of this violation of College procedure.

These procedures will be administered by the Director of Residence Life and may be appealed through the Vice President of Student Services whose decision will be final and binding. As referenced in the Student Grievances Procedures, the role of the District President in these procedures is not to decide the case or appeal thereof, but merely to determine whether the administrative chain of command has adhered to Navarro College procedures.

Date Issued: January 22, 2015

Revised: May 31, 2016