The Emeritus title will be conferred upon faculty and administrators upon retirement by the Navarro College Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the District President. At the conclusion of each academic year and at designated times during the calendar year, the Board of Trustees may confer the title Emeritus based on the following criteria:

1) The individual has served as a full-time employee in good standing at Navarro College for at least 15 years and is retiring.

2) The individual has made significant contributions to the educational mission and programs of the College.

The nomination for Emeritus status for a faculty member will be initiated by the supervising Dean. The nomination for Emeritus status for an administrator will be initiated by the appropriate Executive Officer. A certificate signed by the Chairman of the Board and District President will be granted to the nominee indicating the Emeritus title.

Emeritus status is an honored privilege and responsibility. The rights and privileges extended to Emeritus faculty and administrators shall include:

1) Listing in the College catalog and notation in the individual’s personnel record.

2) Rights and privileges in the College library including the issuance of an identification card.

3) Privilege of attending all College social, cultural, and athletic events.

4) A parking permit upon request.

The title of Emeritus is not granted automatically upon retirement. The Navarro College Board of Trustees reserves the right to deny granting Emeritus status and may revoke Emeritus status at any given time.

Date Approved: June 29, 2018