Quality Enhancement Plan

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"The QEP will provide them with extra help through the learning centers, technology support, and new instructional techniques that I am excited to use in my classroom." - Dr. Shari Beck, Professor of Mathematics

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“Math has always been very difficult for me and it's exciting to me to hear about all the new plans to help many others with similar learning difficulties.” - Carole Davenport, Coordinator of Special Events

"The possibilities for engagement are limitless and the QEP will give us the tools needed to make a difference in the lives of countless students!" - Brandon Ford, Associate Professor of Developmental Math

"I know how much QEP is going to help our students with their understanding of Math." -
Mrs. Leslie Stice, Associate Professor of Math

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"Working together as a 'TEAM' can make a difference by achieving and mastering those initiatives for quality learning." - Dairy Johnson, Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services-Corsicana

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"I am excited to have QEP on the Mexia Campus because our students will be getting the support they need to succeed!" - Dr. Ana Alpert, Professor of Mathematics

FAQ and Overview

What does QEP stand for?
Quality Enhancement Plan

What is a QEP?
The QEP is a new initiative at Navarro College that will impact student learning; involve all campuses; and be measurable, institutionally data driven, and financially sustainable.

Why is the QEP important to me?
It is an opportunity to improve student learning at Navarro College.

What is the Navarro College QEP topic?
The QEP topic for Navarro College is mathematics.The goal is to increase student completion in developmental and credit bearing courses to meet student degree requirements.

How did we determine mathematics as our initiative?
An emphasis in mathematics was determined by surveying students and faculty and reviewing institutional data.

Who is actually involved in the Navarro College QEP?
Everyone is involved! All full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, administrators, and students on every campus, including online, must share in the development and campus awareness required by this QEP initiative.

How will QEP affect me on my campus?
-Math tutoring services at TEA(M)² Centers on the Corsicana, Mexia, and Waxahachie campuses
-Technology support in all math classrooms
-New instructional classroom techniques


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