Dropping and/or Adding Courses

Prior to the “registration closes” date as specified in the college calendar for each individual semester, a student may drop and/or add courses. However, tuition reimbursement is prorated beginning with the first day of the semester as per the Refund of Tuition and Fees chart in the current class schedule.  Furthermore, after the “registration closes” date, classes may not be added, and approval of the course instructor must be obtained in order to drop a class. Additionally, an instructor may drop a student from a course according to the terms written in the course syllabus and outline.

The VA benefit recipient needs to be aware that the VA may require repayment of all benefits received starting at the beginning of a semester for any course in which the student receives a “W” grade.

Students are responsible for completing required paperwork and for submitting the paperwork to the Admissions and Records office.  Student should keep documentation on file of all drop/adds.  Additionally, students are responsible for repayment of financial aid, if required.

Student HandbookDropping and/or Adding Courses