The Office of Institutional Research (IR) provides information, research, and data analysis to support decision making that results in empowerment and success for all members of the Navarro College community.  IR responds to requests for data or information from various internal stakeholders including Navarro College committees, administrators, faculty, staff, and student organizations. IR also responds to requests from state reporting agencies, federal reporting agencies, educational organizations, and other external bodies as resources permit.

Prior to requesting historical enrollment or success data, please review the Quick Facts, Fact Book, and Student Achievement data provided on the Office of Institutional Research’s website under “NC Profile.” All requests for information should be directed to the Office of Institutional Research (IR). Requests are accepted via e-mail, phone, or in-person.

Prior to approval of data requests, IR will determine the validity of all data requests in relation to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other college policies.

When appropriate, the President’s Executive Leadership Team (PELT) will be informed of the request prior to approval by IR.

While we make every attempt to fulfill requests as quickly as possible, please allow a minimum of 10 working days for completion of requests. Completion time for data requests varies based on nature of the data request, how critical the request is to success of the college’s mission, access to data requested, and other factors.

Priority will be assigned to requests from college leadership and any committee/Task Force dedicated to institutional assessment such as the Enrollment Management Committee.

For requests involving data not handled by IR, the requestor will be directed to the appropriate department.

When to Make a Request

  • If review of the Information available through Quick Facts, Fact Book, Student Achievement, and other NC Profile links does not provide needed information, please initiate a request with IR.
  • All surveys and research studies relevant to institutional decision-making must be approved and overseen by the Office of Institutional Research (IR) in order to ensure validity and reliability in data collected.
  • All requests for participation in external studies and/or data sharing must be approved by the Director of Institutional Research.
    • A Data-Share Agreement must be put into place by the IR office prior to any Navarro College Employee Sharing Student Data with any external organization or individual.

Approved: July 26, 2016