Students applying to Residence Life Programs must first submit documentation pertaining to the following requirements:

a) Submit an online Housing Application found at

b) Pay a refundable deposit and non-refundable background check fee.  Preferred method of payment is online with a debit/credit card and

c) Pass a criminal background check.

Submitting the above items does not guarantee placement in Residence Life Programs at Navarro College.

Each prospective Navarro College Residence Life student must pay the non-refundable background processing fee as part of the Residence Life Application process. The Residence Life Application becomes valid when the completed application is received with the housing deposit fee, a copy of the applicant’s driver license or state identification card, and the non-refundable processing fee.


Upon receipt of the Residence Life Application and payment of the non-refundable housing deposit fee (a fee that is refundable assuming there is no dorm damage and all required check-in items have been returned for a non-returning student) and non-refundable background processing fee, the Residence Life Department submit a request to an outside vendor to determine the background of the student requesting permission to reside in housing.

The vendor will complete the background check and will document the findings. The findings of this inquiry will be evaluated using the Navarro College Residence Life Criminal History Standards found on the following website link:  If the inquiry results in a negative report (“No Record”), the Navarro College Residence Life staff will complete the processing of the Housing application and declare that the applicant is “eligible” for consideration as a Residence Life student.

If the Criminal History Check report indicates that the applicant has a Criminal History, the information will then be evaluated according to the Navarro College Residence Life Criminal History Standards. If the applicant does not meet the standards, a declaration of “not eligible” will be made.  The applicant who does not meet the standards will be notified by mail that he/she is not eligible for Residence Life at this time. The procedures for refund of the deposit (only) and the appeal process will be explained in the letter.

Each applicant  who fails to meet the Navarro College Residence Life Criminal History Standards and has been deemed “not eligible” may contest or review the declaration of “not eligible” by using the following procedures:

  • Within three (3) working days of receipt of the certified “not eligible” letter, the prospective applicant will contact Residence Life and schedule a time for review of the information.
  • The applicant must bring the letter stating that he/she has been declared “not eligible”.
  • The applicant will be required to bring copies of all certified judicial court decrees that negate the validity of the criminal charge(s) and their dismissal.
  • A Residence Life Review Team will review all pertinent information provided. If the charges are shown to be “invalid”, the Residence Life Review Team shall re-submit a declaration of “eligible” to the Navarro College Residence life Department.

Copies of all documents or records that are submitted during the review will be placed on file.  All record inquiries and submitted documents shall be considered confidential and will not be released.

After review, if the applicant’s record submitted to the Residence Life Department is changed to “eligible,” the Residence Life Department will verify that the housing deposit has not been refunded. If the housing deposit has been refunded, the deposit must be re-submitted to the Residence Life Department before the applicant’s Housing Application will be processed. Upon verification of the housing deposit, the applicant’s housing application will be submitted for room assignment.


Date Issued: January 22, 2015

Date Revised: April 3, 2018