Navarro College shall not take into consideration the existence of AIDS, a positive HIV antibody test or any communicable disease as a part of the initial admission decision for those applying to attend Navarro College.

Navarro College students who have AIDS or a positive HIV antibody test, whether they are asymptomatic or not, shall be allowed regular classroom attendance and entry into all facilities and programs in an unrestricted manner as long as they are physically able to attend classes; however Navarro College reserves the right to exclude any person who poses a health or safety risk to themselves or others.

The college shall not require a screening of students for HIV; however, Navarro College shall refer students requesting such testing.

Navarro College will provide no medical information to anyone outside the college without the prior specific written consent of the patient, including those living in residence halls. Knowledge shall be confined to those professional staff members with a direct need to know; however, Navarro College must strictly observe anonymous public health reporting for AIDS.

Date Issued: January 22, 2015