Regular class attendance is expected at Navarro College as a key element for student success. Excessive absenteeism is defined as equivalent to two (2) weeks of instruction in a sixteen (16) week semester and may result in failure or being dropped from the course.

The attendance policy for certain programs may be more stringent than the general standard due to clinical requirements or requirements of approving agencies. Faculty will discuss the course attendance policy at the beginning of each semester; however, students are responsible for reviewing the course syllabus and outline of each class and knowing the attendance requirements for the course. Students not attending classes will be dropped.

A student’s request for an excused absence shall be in writing and shall be delivered by the student personally or electronically to the instructor of each class. Students should refer to the Navarro College Student Handbook for additional information.

Any student who wishes to dispute a decision concerning his/her absence should follow the Student/Instructor Conflict Resolution procedures in a timely fashion and as described in the current Navarro College Student Handbook.

Date Issued: January 22, 2015

Revised: July 12, 2016