Navarro College shall include the applicable course numbers from the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) in its printed and electronic catalogs, course listings, and any other appropriate informational resources, and in the application of the provisions of 19 Administrative Code Chapter 4, Subchapter B (Transfer of Credit, Core Curriculum, and Field of Study Curricula).

  1. The TCCNS prefix and number must be displayed immediately adjacent to the institutional course prefix and number at the beginning of each course description; and
  2. The printed and electronic catalogs shall include a chart, table, or matrix, alphabetized by common course prefix, listing all common courses taught at the college by both the common and local course number.


The Academic Council serves as the Curriculum Review Committee for the college and in this capacity clearly defines the process through which the curriculum is established, reviewed and evaluated. This process recognizes the roles of the Faculty, the Administration, and the Governing Board.

Revisions, deletions, or additions to the curriculum can originate at any point within the instructional program structure. Faculty members may make recommendations for curriculum changes; this can also be accomplished by Instructional Deans, Executive Deans, Vice Presidents, President of Ellis County Campuses and the District President.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as the Chair of the Academic Council. Membership is appointed from the administrative and faculty ranks. Each faculty member serves on one year postings.


The Department Chair, Instructional Dean, or Executive Dean must first approve any curricula or programmatic change prior to submission to the Academic Council. The Department Chair and/or Instructional or Executive Dean must then present the recommendations to the Academic Council for consideration. Additionally, the Academic Council may initiate curriculum changes and involve the appropriate personnel.

The Academic Council is a recommending body to the President’s Executive Leadership Team (PELT); therefore, all curriculum changes approved by the Academic Council are then recommended to PELTĀ for final approval by the District President. Only program additions or deletions, including the adding of new courses, certificates or programs require the approval of the Navarro College Board of Trustees. Changes to degree plans do not require Board approval.

Academic Transfer Courses (ACGM)

When a curriculum change for academic transfer courses is approved and this change complies with existing Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board guidelines, state approval is not necessary for the specific change to be initiated.

Workforce Education Courses (WECM)

Curriculum changes for Workforce Education courses and programs requires Program Advisory Committee approval and may require Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s approval for each course and program change exceeding six hours. After the Academic Council and the District President approve the changes, the proposed change must be submitted to and approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board prior to implementation by the college.

Date Issued: January 22, 2015
Revised: February 28, 2017