EA | Academic Calendar (Policy)

EA.1 | Academic Calendar (Procedure)

EA.2 | Generic Schedule Production Timeline (Procedure) 

EB | Alternative Methods of Instruction (Policy)

EBA | Distance Education (Policy) 

EBA.1 | Distance Education (Procedure) 

EBB | Off Campus Instruction (Policy)

EBB.1 | Off-Campus Instruction (Procedure)

EC | Course Load (Policy)

EC.1 | Course Load (Procedure) 

ED | Instructional Resources (Policy)

EDA | Textbook Adoptions (Policy)

EDA.1 | Textbook Adoptions (Procedure)

EE | Instructional Programs (Policy)

EE.1 | Curriculum (Procedure) 

EE.2 | Dual Credit (Procedure)  

EE.3 | Developmental Education Plan (Procedure) 

EF | Special Programs (Policy)

EFA | Students with Disabilities (Policy)

EFA.1 | Disability Support Services (Procedure)

EFB | Adult Programs and Secondary Education (Policy)

EFB.1 | Adult and Secondary Education (Procedure)

EFC | GED Testing (Policy) 

EFD | Continuing Education (Policy)

EG | Academic Achievement (Policy)

EGA | Transcripts (Policy) 

EGA.1 | Transcripts (Procedure) 

EGB | Grading and Credit (Policy)

EGB.1 | Grading and Credit (Procedure) 

EGB.2 | Non-Credit  / Auditing of Courses

EGC | Graduation (Policy)

EGC.1 | Graduation (Procedure)

EH | Testing (Policy)

EH.1 | Testing (Procedure) 

EI | Academic Freedom and Responsibility (Policy)

EJ | Faculty Governance (Policy)

EJ.1 | Faculty Governance (Procedure)

EK | Faculty Code of Professional Ethics (Policy)