Employment contracts will be issued by the Office of Human Resources at the direction of the District President.

Employment contracts will be for either one or three years depending on the eligibility of the position and the status of the employee, however, any contract can be pro-rated or issued for any length of time less than three years at the discretion of the District President. Such changes will be articulated in the contract document.

Non-instructional faculty for the purpose of contracts are defined as employees whose duties are primarily to provide a service other than teaching, even if they are required to teach as a part of their employment. Non-instructional faculty includes coaches, counselors, librarians, and any other faculty position deemed non-instructional by the Office of Human Resources. Non-instructional faculty will be issued one-year employment contracts.

Positions eligible for three-year contracts are instructional faculty and executive officers of the district as defined by the District President.

Instructional faculty for the purposes of contracts are defined as employees whose duties are primarily instructional in nature even if they are assigned other duties at the College as part of their employment.

Employees in eligible positions for three-year contracts will be offered standard one-year contracts for each of the first three years of employment.

After the completion of the third standard one-year contract, the employee will be eligible for a three-year contract contingent upon positive evaluations for the prior three years.

An employee on a three-year contract that transfers into a different position in the District that is also eligible for three-year contracts will be required to work the three initial years on standard one-year contracts before becoming eligible for a three-year contract in the new position. Three-year contracts are subject to reassignment by the District College President when conditions warrant reassignment. Three-year contracts are subject to termination in the event that College policy is violated by the employee or in the event that a position is eliminated.

All employment contracts are subject to termination for cause. Should termination occur, compensation and benefits associated with the contract will cease immediately, unless otherwise agreed upon. The term “cause” shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Failure to abide by the Board Policy Manual and the Administrative Procedures Manual, as subject to periodic change.
  2. Personal action by employee that violates any of the laws, policies, rules or regulations of the State of Texas, the United States of America, or Navarro College.
  3. More than three days’ unauthorized absence from duty.
  4. Any act of fraud.
  5. Any breach of employee’s obligations under this agreement, or duties owed to the employer.
  6. Any conduct that would tend to bring disrespect or ridicule upon Employer, or failure to follow the high moral and ethical standards commonly representative of employer.
  7. Failure to positively represent himself/herself or Employer in a private or public forum.
  8. Failure to comply with the Faculty Code of Ethics.
  9. Inability to perform essential functions of the position.
  10. Lack of enrollment in or funding of specified program of instruction.

Approved: August 19, 2015

Updated: May 31, 2016