All instructional personnel are expected to dedicate their primary energies and loyalties to the service of their students. A major responsibility of all instructional personnel is to meet every scheduled class period for classes, which meet on a regular basis. Faculty shall not dismiss class or change class meeting hours, dates or classrooms without prior approval from the appropriate Dean. Faculty must not permit any outside interests to interfere with their obligations to students. All full-time faculty members may be required to teach off-campus, weekend or evening, dual credit, or online classes. Faculty members who utilize electronic delivery to teach students must adhere to college guidelines. The institution places primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of its curriculum with its faculty.


  1. Faculty have as their primary responsibility a commitment to be dedicated, effective, and concerned teachers.
  2. All faculty are to be familiar with and adhere to all policies and procedures of the institution.
  3. Faculty are expected to conduct classroom instruction at the highest possible level of quality, efficiency, and interest for students.
  4. All faculty will be responsible for classroom management. Clear expectations and standards for optimum learning will be discussed on the first day of class or within the first week of classes so that all students will understand the learning environment at Navarro College.
  5. Faculty are expected to plan and develop efficient procedures for evaluating student learning.
  6. Faculty who are assigned laboratory sections are expected to remain with the students during laboratory periods.
  7. Faculty are expected to meet every scheduled class on time and keep the class for the entire scheduled period.
  8. Opportunities to instruct evening, weekend, dual credit, online, and off-campus courses will be made available first on a volunteer basis; however, if there are no volunteers, the appropriate Dean will make assignments to properly serve students.
  9. Full-time faculty are required to keep regular office hours for student conferences, advising, and other duties.
  10. All faculty are required to make reports from time to time as required by the administration of the College. Such reports must be submitted within the time limit established by the administration.
  11. Faculty shall keep accurate records of student attendance and grades so that evaluation of student progress can be made at any time. Faculty are required to maintain grade and attendance records and submit this documentation at the end of each semester to the office of the appropriate Dean.
  12. Faculty are to provide additional assistance for students who request such assistance. An instructor may not tutor for pay any student enrolled in one of his/her classes and for whom he/she must submit a final grade.
  13. Faculty may participate in professional activities and may belong to such professional organizations as they desire.
  14. Faculty are to prepare a course syllabus for each course which they are teaching and make a copy available to each student in each class with a copy submitted to the appropriate Dean.
  15. Each course syllabus will include the College policy adopted by the Board of Trustees relative to classroom decorum and student expectations while attending classes.
  16. All faculty are required to attend Convocation and other faculty meetings unless they are excused by the person authorized to call the meeting.
  17. Faculty may volunteer to sponsor student clubs and organizations.
  18. All faculty must make continuing efforts to improve the quality of their course and their instruction.
  19. Faculty shall advise students about regulations of the College concerning sequence of courses, majors, minors, graduation requirements, transferring to senior colleges, and other such information.
  20. Faculty who find it necessary to be absent from class should notify the appropriate Dean and complete an appropriate leave request.
  21. Faculty shall participate in the evaluation procedure outlined elsewhere in this manual.
  22. Faculty are to grade all examinations and allow students to review any graded exams not returned; students have the right to view and ask questions about exam results. Final exams completed by students are to be kept on file for at least six weeks after final grades are awarded and sample exams/questions are to be kept by the faculty member in a permanent file.
  23. Faculty will utilize the approved textbook and ancillary materials as determined by the department.
  24. Faculty are required to keep their personnel file up-to-date with official transcripts and other information as required.
  25. Faculty should be knowledgeable of the contents of the current College Catalog, Navarro College Policy and Procedures Manual, and other appropriate college publications.
  26. Faculty should perform other appropriate duties as assigned by authorized personnel, i.e. Career Day, UIL activities, advising, commencement, student recruitment, committee participation, etc.
  27. Faculty are required to attend the annual commencement ceremony.
  28. Faculty are expected to support all and attend a reasonable number of college events such as music productions, athletic contests, club sponsored activities, drama productions, celebrations of student success, etc.
  29. Based on SACSCOC Comprehensive Standards, Faculty Members:
    • Participate in an evaluation system to “evaluate the effectiveness of each faculty member”;
    • “Provide evidence of ongoing professional development”;
    • Meet SACSCOC credential guidelines; and
    • Assess student learning outcomes, program learning outcomes, and core objectives.
  30. Faculty do not have responsibilities for educational research or publishing but they may do so on their own time. If College time and resources are used, the College maintains ownership of research or published materials including electronic delivery materials. Research or publication completed on personal time becomes the property of the faculty member.
  31. Faculty are required to follow the Code of Professional Ethics displayed in Board Policy EK – Faculty Code of Professional Ethics.
  32. Syllabi and course outlines are used and distributed to students. Faculty must use the syllabus templates developed by the departments in which they are teaching. Syllabi and CVs must be uploaded each semester by the August 1, December 1, and May 1 deadlines.
  33. Faculty must submit Census Rosters, Mid-term Grades, and Final Grades by the stated deadlines provided by the Office of Admissions and Records.

Although specific expectations of faculty members are enumerated in this document, the purpose of these guidelines is to provide constructive direction to the faculty. That is, the purpose of the list of responsibilities is to encourage compliance with “the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law”.

Approved: May 7, 2015
Revised: February 27, 2017; February 26, 2019, May 8, 2019, February 11, 2020