The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that access to Ellucian Colleague, the district’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, is effectively managed to both ensure that college personnel receive the system access necessary to perform their duties and to safeguard the security of the system and the quality of the data.


Colleague screens, data, and functions are managed by specific departments, based on the primary use of the screen, data, or function.  A manager of a particular function is called the Data Owner.  Access is requested of, and approved by the relevant Data Owner.

  1. The supervisor (Requestor) of the personnel needing access completes the Colleague Access Request form
  2. The supervisor submits the form to the relevant Data Owner(s) as defined in the Data Owner list below
  3. The Data Owner reviews the form and takes the appropriate action:
    1. Approves the request and forwards the approval to IT Colleague Administrator for implementation;
    2. Approves the request with Modifications and forwards the approval to IT Colleague Administrator for implementation;
    3. Rejects the request and returns the form to Requestor with reason for rejection;

Communicates with Requester for more information.


In order to ensure that system security, data quality, and process requirements are met, there are certain requirements that must be met for this procedure to be completed successfully.

  1. The access being requested must be required as part of the person’s job duties
  2. The person receiving the access must have been properly trained on the usage of the Colleague screens being requested and the associated process for which those screens are needed.
  3. The Data Owner will designate the person or persons who are eligible to act as trainers; this may or may not be the person’s supervisor.
  4. For all persons requesting Colleague access, Human Resources must confirm that a background check has been performed with satisfactory results before any access is granted.


At any time, the relevant Data Owner may direct the Colleague Administrator to revoke a user’s access to any Colleague screen under the Data Owner’s stewardship where it can be shown that the user has consistently or repeatedly not followed the correct business process, has exceeded their authority, or has caused data quality issues by entering inaccurate or incomplete data.

If access was removed due to training issues, then it may be restored upon completion of additional training and approval by the Data Owner.

Data access may also be removed when a user changes job positions or their job duties no longer require access.


A Data Owner is usually the Director of the department that is responsible for the business processes that generate or manipulate the data.  They have a responsibility to safeguard the integrity, accuracy, and security of the data by ensuring that only those personnel needing the ability to create, manipulate, or retrieve the data in performance of their job duties are allowed to have said access.

To perform these duties, the Data Owner needs the authority to grant or remove assess to the Colleague screens that create and manipulate that data.

Student/RegistrationDirector of Admissions/Registrar
Financial AidDirector of Financial Aid
Cashier/FinanceDirector of Business Services, Cashiers, Directory of Payroll and Accounts Payable, Director of Budget and Procurement and/or the Vice President of Finance and Administration
Faculty ProcessesVice President of Academics

Approved: September 6, 2016
Updated: August 13, 2019