The Vice President of Operations and Advancement oversees the Transportation Management.

The Executive Director of Facilities oversees the daily operation of the Transportation Department.

  1. The following personnel are permitted to drive a Navarro College vehicle: full-time and part-time employees, students, and volunteers.  Contracted employees and guests of the college are not permitted to drive Navarro College vehicles.
  2. All persons operating College-owned and insured vehicles must have their driving record verified 10 working days prior to driving a College-owned vehicle.
  3. A copy of a valid drivers’ license must be turned in to the Navarro College Department of Public Safety.
  4. Any employee, or authorized personnel approved by the District President or designee requiring the use of a Navarro College vehicle must submit a vehicle request form to the Physical Plant two weeks prior to event. This form is located on the college Intranet under the Miscellaneous Forms Heading.
  5. The driver is verified through the Navarro College approved drivers list. Upon verification driver proceeds to step 4.
  6. In the event driver is not on the list employee will be notified via email. The driver will be required to complete an authorization form to have driver’s license check by the Navarro College Department of Public Safety for validation of driver’s license. The Navarro College Department of Public Safety will complete required steps to have employee put on the approved driver’s list.  Upon completion, the police department will send e-mail to the Physical Plant so the employee’s name can be added to the list of registered vehicle users.
  7. Vehicle availability is checked for the specific dates desired. If vehicle is available the Executive Director of Facilities approves the request.
  8. In the event the Executive Director of Facilities does not approve the request (based on vehicle availability) the employee will be notified via phone call and email notification.
  9. On date of request, driver will pick up the vehicle at the Physical Plant. Keys and credit cards need to be picked up no later than noon on Friday for vehicles to be used on the weekend.
  10. The employee is issued a vehicle with full tank of gas, vehicle key, and college credit card for fuel, and vehicle log sheet.
  11. The employee is required to log all miles from the odometer to the Mileage Log Sheet provided by Physical Plant.
  12. In the event gas is purchased employee must provide receipt for gas.
  13. Upon completion of trip, vehicle must be returned to the Physical Plant Facilities with a full tank of gas, all trash removed from vehicle, receipt for fuel, vehicle log sheet completed by driver, vehicle key, and college credit card.
  14. In the event vehicle is not returned as stated in Step 10, pictures will be taken of the deficiency.  The picture(s) will be attached and an email sent to the immediate supervisor and Vice President of Operations, Technology, and Advancement for follow up by the immediate supervisor.
  15. Vehicle use shall be approved on a “First-Come, First-Served” basis with the following exceptions:
    a.   Scheduled events such as competitions shall take precedence over non-scheduled events or events that may be relatively easier to re-schedule.
    b.   Institutionally funded organizations shall take precedence over non-institutionally funded organizations.
  16. Vehicle reservation requests shall be made through the Physical Plant office; “REQUEST FOR VEHICLE USE” forms should be on file and approved prior to vehicle use and all requests should be received seventy-two (72) hours prior to the trip. Keys and credit cards need to be picked up between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  17. A Request for Vehicle Use must meet the following minimum passenger requirements:
    a.   Suburban vehicles must have a minimum of four (4) passengers.
    b.   Sedans must have a minimum of two (2) passengers.
    c.   Buses must have a minimum of ten (10) passengers.
    d.   Out-of-State travel must have prior written approval from the Vice President for Academic Affairs or District President.
  18. Reservations via telephone call will not be acceptable. Vehicles are to be used only for the trip described on the request form and the person requesting the vehicle is responsible for insuring that all personal items and trash are removed prior to refilling and returning vehicle to the Physical Plant parking lot. Keys, credit card and all appropriate receipt should be returned to the Physical Plant office the next working day by 10:00 a.m. All vehicles are to be returned to the Physical Plant Building immediately after completion of the trip. Navarro College provides College-owned and insured vehicles for use for College-related activities. The College has buses, Suburbans, and other passenger vehicles available for use. Vans will be used for cargo or local in-town passenger use only. The College will provide a bus driver for all bus trips.
  19. Accident forms and insurance cards are located in the glove compartment or driver-side door pocket of each vehicle.
  20. Should any mechanical problems with the vehicle be experienced, such problems should be detailed in writing to the Physical Plant office so that appropriate repairs may be made.
  21. The Requesting Department must pay the cost of fuel for all trips.
  22. The College will furnish the driver(s) at no charge to individual departments for bus trips. The Requesting Department will be responsible for the cost of fuel, all meals for the bus driver and overnight lodging for the bus driver, if applicable.


Any vehicle accident must be reported to Executive Director of Facilities, Direct Supervisor and campus police as soon as the driver and vehicle are safely off the road.


The following steps once driver and passenger are safe should be followed:

a. Call the Local Police
b. Complete Local Police Report and keep a copy of the report (Give copy of Police Report to The Executive Director of Facilities)
c. Secure other Driver Information
d. Name
e. Address
f. License Number
g. Phone Number
h. Contact Executive Director of Facilities, direct supervisor and Campus Police

Approved: October 22, 2015
Revised: February 23, 2016