CA | Appropriations and Revenue Sources (Policy)

CAA | Appropriations (Policy)

CAB | Bond Issue (Policy)

CAC | Time Warrants (Policy)

CAD | Certificates of Indebtedness (Policy)

CAE | Loans and Notes (Policy)

CAF | Ad Valorem Taxes (Policy)

CAG | Investments (Policy)

CAH | Sale, Trade or Lease of College Property  (Policy)

CAH.1 | Sale, Trade or Lease of College Property (Procedure)

CAI | Grants, Funds and Donations (Policy)

CAJ | Rentals and Service Charges (Policy)  

CB | Depository of Funds  (Policy)

CB.1 | Depository of Funds (Procedure)

CC | Annual Operating Budget  (Policy)

CC.1 | Annual Operating Budget (Procedure)

CD | Accounting (Policy)

CD.1 | Accounting (Procedure)

CD.2 | Cash Handling Procedures (Procedure)

CD.3 | Fixed Assets (Procedure)

CD.4 | Financial Reports and Statements (Procedure)

CD.5 | Accounting Inventories (Procedure)

CD.6 | Accounting Audits (Procedure)

CD.7 | Accountability (Procedure)

CD.8 | Travel Procedures (Procedure)

CD.9 | Taxation of Gifts, Prizes, and Awards to Employees (Procedure)

CE | Purchasing and Acquistions (Policy)

CE.1 | Purchasing and Acquisitions (Procedure)

CE.2 | Vendor Relations (Procedure)

CE.3 | Real Property and Improvements (Procedure)

CE.4 | Personal Property Purchases (Procedure) 

CE.5 | Procurement Card Process (Procedure)

CEA | Signature Authority (Policy)

CF | Safety Program (Policy)

CF.1 | Safety Program (Procedure)

CF.2 | Inspections (Procedure)

CG | Site Management (Policy) 

CG.1 | Management, Maintenance, and Security of College Property (Procedure)

CH | Equipment, Supply and Records Management (Policy)

CH.1 | Records Management (Procedure)

CI | Transportation Management (Policy)

CI.1 | Transportation Management (Procedure)

CJ | Insurance and Annuities (Policy)

CK | Facilities Planning and Standards (Policy)

CK.1 | Standards for Upkeep and Maintenance of Existing Facilities (Procedure)

CL | College District Auxiliary Enterprises (Policy)

CM | Technology Resources (Policy)

CN | Information Security (Policy)

CN.1 | Information Security (Procedure)

CN. 2 | Colleague Access Request (Procedure)

CO | Intellectual Property (Policy)