When the decision is made to close an educational program, Navarro College will make a good faith effort to assist affected students, faculty, administrative and support staff so that they experience a minimal amount of disruption in the pursuit of their course of study or professional careers.  Individuals will be notified of the decision to close a program as soon as possible so that they can make appropriate plans. Students who have not completed their programs will be advised by faculty or advisors regarding suitable options including transfer to comparable programs.

Teach-out Plans: A teach-out plan is a written plan developed by Navarro College that provides for the equitable treatment of students if the institution decides to close an educational program.  Teach-out plans must be approved by SACSCOC in advance of implementation. To be approved by SACSCOC, a teach-out plan must include the following information:

  1. Date of closure (date when new students will no longer be admitted);
  2. An explanation of how affected parties (students, faculty, staff) will be informed of the impending closure;
  3. An explanation of how all affected students will be helped to complete their programs of study with minimal disruption;
  4. An indication as to whether the teach-out plan will incur additional charges/expenses to the students and, if so, how the students will be notified;
  5. Copies of signed teach-out agreements with other institutions, if any; and
  6. How faculty and staff will be redeployed or helped to find new employment.


A teach-out agreement is a written agreement between institutions that provides for the equitable treatment of students and a reasonable opportunity for students to complete their program of study if an institution is unable to provide opportunity for students to complete their program of study. Such a teach-out agreement requires SACSCOC approval in advance of implementation. For approval by SACSCOC, the agreement must be between institutions that are accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency, be consistent with applicable standards in the Principles of Accreditation and with SACSCOC policies, and provide for the equitable treatment of students by ensuring that:

  1. The teach-out institution has the necessary experience, resources, and support services to provide an educational program that is of acceptable quality and reasonably similar in content, structure, and scheduling to that provided by the closed institution; and
  2. The teach-out institution demonstrates that it can provide students access to the program(s) and services without requiring them to move or travel substantial distances.

Approved Date: May 2, 2017