Navarro Band Alumni

The Navarro College Band and its alumni lead the way in advocating for and supporting the Navarro College Band program. The Navarro College Band Alumni Association dates to 2016 with its first “welcome back” performance being Fall 2017. The alumni association is a way for NC Band alumni to reconnect on a regular basis. Alumni have the option of participating in several events throughout the year, including Alumni Luncheons, a gathering each fall (where alumni participate in the half-time show with current marching band members). In addition to providing a social network for the NC alumni, the Association encourages monetary support to the Navarro College Band scholarship and excellence funds while continually seeking ways to strengthen the relationship between current members and alumni of the Navarro College Band.

The Alumni Band Days will be held on Homecoming of each year. For more information, please contact Mr. Joshua Buckrucker at

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